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Message from Director

Hearty Greets!

I welcome you all to MTCG LI. A leader in providing value based top quality education to address the employability issues across the world. Our primary focus area is online platform. However, we do offer on-campus program also to match the prospect needs.

Our certification programs have helped many across the world to equip with better knowledge, skills and abilities to perform the job better. It has helped many in securing better jobs and helped in career progression.

The fees are kept bare minimum to reach out to all. Online mode is preferred as it is economical , easily accessible, fast and convenient.

MTC Global , itself, is a trusted and credible name and we have our own standing. Our certifications would definitely give you due leverage in your pursuit.

I welcome you all to take benefits of our certification and other programs.

Best wishes……………

Prof. Bholanath Dutta
MTC Global Leadership Institute
President-MTC Global
A Global Apex Advisory Body in Management Education