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About Exam

Examination Papers will be sent to the students, along with the study material, for all the studies which have to be completed as directed by the institute and should be returned for assessment.

Students can learn without putting additional stress of giving 3 hours class room Examination. For that, MTCGLI offers the Open Book Examination and providing two different modes for conducting exams to the students:

1) Email Based Examination: For such students, institute has provision to send the examination papers through E-mail. The candidates are required to submit the answer sheets within the prescribed limit to the institute through their E-mail ID.

2) Postal Based Examination: On specific request.

Passing Criteria and Grades The passing certificate with grades will be sent to the students after obtaining an overall Pass in the examination.

Minimum Marks to pass in each paper : 50%
Minimum Marks to pass overall (Aggregate) : 50%
90 % and above: Excellent
75% to 89%: Outstanding
60% to 74%: Good
50% to 59%: Fair
Important: Candidates should submit all the answer sheets along with the Declaration Form related to a particular subject in one go only.